Volkswagen beetle parts malaysia

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volkswagen beetle parts malaysia

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Volkswagen Forum. Volkswagen Parts List. Event Gallery. Car Bras. Car Covers. Car Care. Custom Floormats.Transmissions, engines, alternators, tires, hubcaps, hoods, break systems and more are available at our fully stocked warehouses. Benefit from tremendous savings with our huge inventory. Visit either of our convenient locations or take advantage of quick and affordable worldwide shipping.

Your Volkswagen Beetle parts will arrive at your doorstep in pristine, prime operating condition. No more scrambling for that special part or haggling with pricey retailers or dealerships. In the unlikely event that a part is not in stock, we can find it for you and have it delivered wherever and whenever you want, saving you valuable time and money.

Sincecustomers have turned to us again and again for all of their used Volkswagen Beetle parts and have benefited from unmatched customer service. Check your order status whenever you like, get quick returns and enjoy the security of knowing your parts are backed by a Six Month Parts Protection Warranty.

For additional information, please call Show off your ride! We know how important your car is to you. You keep it running well and looking good. Don't be shy. Let the world see what you have.

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Let us post your car here. All Right Reserved. Privacy Policy Website Design Services. View Mobile Website Sitemap. Sample Product Name Quantity Update. Sample Item Name Chuck and Eddie's. Select Year: Get on the List! Customerz Carz Show off your ride!We have been manufacturing and selling classic Volkswagen parts ever since We are approaching forty years of service to the Volkswagen restorer!

We are located on the property that was once a textile fulling mill in the eighteenth century, became an ice house, and now houses our shops and warehouse of classic Volkswagen Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bus, Thing, VW Rabbit and Cabriolet parts. We began in manufacturing the wood top bows for Volkswagen convertibles and we are the original Volkswagen wood bow maker, having built thousands of wood top bows for Beetles and Karmann Ghias.

We keep our original wood shop going strong and our convertible wood bows are in thousands of convertible top frames all over the world. Based on our commitment to service, the wood bow business evolved from customer requests into convertible tops, upholstery, seals and other Volkswagen VW restoration parts. An example: Shown is a picture of a product we designed and still manufacture which has enabled countless convertible top restorations: the unitized rear window framework with a real wood embedded tacking form.

Volkswagen Beetle convertible owners are urged to read our individual pages for helpful information. We work closely with Volkswagen owners and VW restoration shops. Our staff is experienced and strives to be personally helpful.

We are an old fashioned business dealing with old fashioned Volkswagen people, old and young! The restoration of a classic Volkswagen Beetle or Karmann Ghia is usually an act of love and we recognize it as such. We try to keep our transactions on a personal level, even when processed from our Volkswagen parts web page.

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My Cart 0. Volkswagen Beetle Parts Select a Category. Custom Convertible Tops. Gifts for Volkswagen fans. Instructional Bug Me Dvds. Classic Volkswagen Beetle Restoration Parts. Email questions to: support mtmfg.Search Go. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. You can edit the name of your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon on the right. Something went wrong.

Please try again. Select your vehicle below:. VIN Go. No vehicles found. Home Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. You chose your Volkswagen Beetle Convertible for all the same reasons you choose Genuine Volkswagen Parts: because no other brand can match the performance, style, and precision of Volkswagen.

Whatever kind of drive is your style —sporty performance, sophisticated luxury, or simple joy in the journey— shop our nationwide network of Volkswagen Parts dealers, and your VW Beetle Convertible will always impress. Your Nearest Dealers. Enter your zip code: View More Dealers. Select a Category. Volkswagen Accessories.

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Car Care. Shop Car Care. Comfort and Protection.

Volkswagen Beetle (1998 - 2010)

Shop Comfort and Protection. Never drive unplugged unless you choose to with these Genuine Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Communication Accessories are designed to work perfectly in your Volkswagen Beetle Convertible.

Shop Communication. Sport and Design. Shop Sport and Design. Leave nothing you need for outdoor adventuring behind with Genuine Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Transport Accessories.

volkswagen beetle parts malaysia

Shop Transport. Make a dramatic enhancement in the profile of your Volkswagen with a change of wheels. Shop Wheels. VW DriverGear.We offer custom accessories, restoration parts and driveline products produced worldwide sold at competitive prices. The OEM "Original Equipment Manufactured" items available on our site are produced by a limited collection of companies located throughout the world.

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If you wish to purchase an obsolete part actually produced for the year your vehicle was manufactured, we offer NOS "New Old Stock" and German recyled components. Purchasing these items guarentees the highest quality available. TMI Interiors. Hella Genuine. Click to see Cart Items. Final totals including shipping and tax will be displayed just prior to checkout. Proceed to Checkout. Hide Cart. Empty Cart. Login Now. Back to Cart. New Account. Show Wish List.

Order History. Account Information. All items on our site are in stock unless specifically listed as "Out of Stock" We offer custom accessories, restoration parts and driveline products produced worldwide sold at competitive prices.

Please call for assistance. Total Click to see Cart Items Final totals including shipping and tax will be displayed just prior to checkout.Are you a fan of the cute Beetle cars of Volkswagen? Did you know that this iconic brand has made more than Volkswagen is also currently ranked as the longest produced vehicle in the history of car manufacturing. Here at iPrice, we have yet to offer cars but we have an amazing selection of Volkswagen merchandise line up at our store, look below and pick up your favourite VW tees.

Available in Shopee RM And the man behind this idea to make the 'People's car', originated from Adolf Hitler. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, people of the city were hired to work in the Volkswagen plant that would be making Hitler's dream car for the average German.

Ferdinand Porsche was hired to design the car but then the World War II struck and the plant changed its production to make vehicles with the VW logo for the Third Reich army.

Classic VW BuGs How to Parts List Categorize for Vintage Beetle Restoration

After all the chaos, the Wolfsburg plant went under British control and with Major Ivan Hirst overlooking, workers started to mass produce the Type 1 vehicle which will later be named as the Beetle. The Beetle may have been a more economical motorised car, but it was never cheaply produced.

This unibody car is very well sealed, its body built with tight gaps, just a few openings and a very flat floor.

Volkswagen Beetle Parts

The Beetle can even stay afloat for a short amount of time in the water. The eccentrically round shaped Beetle kept true to its original design for more than half of a century of the same production —an amazing 58 years. The legendary beetle model was manufactured from up to A record that isn't likely to ever be broken, or even approached by any other car manufacturer. This proves that the Beetle is an iconic and lovable car.

With it, Volkswagen is now ranked as the longest produced vehicle in the history of car manufacturing. Carmakers like Audi, Porsche have modified new cars with the same base by adding their own signature designs to fulfil demands of their respective customers.

volkswagen beetle parts malaysia

VW also makes the fastest car on Earth, selling them under its 'Bugatti' badge. The Bugatti Veyron, designed and engineered by VW is making these underpriced cars and losing money with each Veyron sold. VW also challenges size when manufacturing vehicles as the brand make big trucks and races with them! One of the most popular VW Bug paint schemes, white 53, comes from the movies about Herbie. Herbie, the anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle, is a character that is featured in six Disney movies starting with The Love Bug in Herbie has a mind of his own and is capable of driving himself around, and is a serious contender in auto racing competitions.

Herbie may look bubbly and cute and sweet, but he is ready to kick some dust up in your eye! Browse through the iprice online shop for limited edition VW T-shirtspants, caps and parts that are offered along with discounts and coupons. With so many products offered at our iPrice Malaysia store, simply click on your desired VW item and get directed to the trusted online store selling the product.When people demands for a true icon, Volkswagen gave it to them.

Wondering what that icon was? That's the Volkswagen Beetle. This model offers such great features from interior to exterior.

volkswagen beetle parts malaysia

And with its Anti-lock Braking System, the Beetle assures its owners that their ride won't slide even under hard braking because wheel lock up is prevented. However, no matter how reliable your Beetle is, years of service will eventually cause its parts to malfunction and eventually breakdown. In such case, the best thing you can do is look for replacement Volkswagen Beetle parts. Why risk another auto breakdown when you can prevent this from happening using the right set of auto parts?

To make sure you get the auto parts that will fit your Beetle perfectly, consult your owner's manual and find out your vehicle's specifications and requirements. In the past years, the Volkswagen Beetle's design has seen an evolution. At first, a lot of emphasis was placed on functionality, but since then, the company has looked to a more aggressive appearance, giving it a masculine posture coming from a lower, wider and longer body. Inside the vehicle, the windshield was distant and so the manufacturer added a replacement, which was a vertical windshield.

The dimensions of the interior resulted in more space. This is especially true for the back seat of the vehicle. Its foundation shared with the generation before it, enhances its expectation by giving it a more fun ride to the user. When you combine everything, you have a very distinctive smaller vehicle and one that you can enjoy. The hatchback Volkswagen Beetle has four primary trim levels.

When replaced, it changes to 1. The equipment is similar. There is a convertible model as well. The 2. It also has a manual transmission, which has a standard five speed feature. You also have the option to choose an automatic transmission with a six speed feature. The base model Volkswagen Beetle has features including: o Keyless entry o Split folding rear seating o AC o Leather or Vinyl upholstery o Heated front seating o Alloy wheels - 17 inches o Sound system with eight speakers o iPod interface The type of engine will determine how the Volkswagen Beetle drives.

There is a respectable in the base 5-cylinder, even though, it may sound as if it was unrefined and doesn't have a remarkable fuel economy.

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For an upgrade to this, it may be better to replace it with the 1. Volkswagen Beetle car parts should be chosen wisely for that upgrade. The 1. It boasts efficiency and refinement in comparison to its previous models. The TDI gives extraordinary mileage at 40 mpg. The R-Line sounds good as well. The Jetta and Volkswagen Beetle are similar when it comes to handling dynamics and steering capabilities. If you want to consider a used Beetle model, consider the year model.

Sinceit has been upgraded, but the model still carried some punch. The base trim level is more affordable with the model than the upgraded 2. However, it has only a manual transmission and not as many specific features like the Bluetooth. Inthere were a few additions to the vehicle lineup. One was the TDI with its powerful diesel engine and old-fashioned fuel economy of 32 mpg, which is pretty decent.

If you want to upgrade the used model, you could consider getting a navigation system or other Used Volkswagen Beetle parts. Your Volkswagen Super Beetle parts selection will give you the improvement that you need.


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