A bit more on pricing and audience

One of the subplots of the LA Opera Ring and how it underperformed at the box office was this: For people who live here, unless you're lucky like me and live minutes away from the Dot, the audience is going to be driving from all over the LA Basin the Valley, South Bay, Westside, OC even. Given the length of the Ring operas, they have to start by pm or at the latest, pm.

To get downtown from any of the places in above, during the week, at the time required is a nightmare. You either have to rush out of work and pray that no 5-car accident on the has you at a stop for 10 minutes or you get there on time, arriving frazzled or you have to leave work early, which a lot of people can't do.

So, you have the dynamic of the locals, which meant LAO scheduled as many performances on the weekend as possible. However, this didn't work for the Ringnuts who travel to performances, as the cycles took 9 to 10 days to complete instead of the usual 7. That's extra days in a very expensive city to visit and get around in and it means people that would take M-F off of work would have to take an extra days of time off.

Since I have very specific tastes in orchestral music, you know what is a big decider for me? What they pair the piece I want to hear with.

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For example, the London Symphony is doing a Szymanowski retrospective with Gergiev. I think he's a fabulous composer and I love his symphonies, violin concertos and concert pieces.

Guess who they paired his stuff with? To say I dislike Brahms' music is an understatement, so if I was in London, I'd either have to give the concerts a pass or leave before the intermission and I loathe crawling over people to leave while they're setting up for the next piece.

Why on earth did they pick Brahms? Why not early Bartok, the Strauss tone poems and stuff like that, Szymanowski's influences? Alas, I think this is no longer true.

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Just the idea drives me crazy, since I'm so often a last minute ticket buyer. I skipped it. Shudder - that is insane.

a bit more on pricing and audience

I should have mentioned that CalPerf has some kind of demand pricing. Henry, those are interesting issues,though not exactly pricing-related I brought up the issue of price discrimination regarding tickets at Greg's blog. I think this is an area of revenue that needs to be explored more. I should probably post a blog about it myself, but was intrigued that Flanagan made the suggestion for more price discrimination in tickets for orchestras in his recent book.

If I read whatever is going on at Sandow, will I see red? I seriously regret responding on the subject of SF Opera, and I saw red when he denied Drew McManus's knowledge of what goes on inside orchestral labor negotiations, since Drew consults with both management and labor during such negotiations.

Likely, he won't and obviously hasn't respond ed.Set your own campaign budgets and spend as much or as little as you like! We charge on a CPM basis and all campaigns are prepaid for self-service customers.

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All campaign refill charges are aggregated into one single charge. If your campaign is still active at the end of the trial period, we will automatically switch it from free trial mode to full mode and bill you the budget amount you set for the campaign.

a bit more on pricing and audience

This ensures continuity of ad serving. Withdrawing Unspent Funds You can request any remaining funds be withdrawn from your account at any time. Write an e-mail to support perfectaudience. We will initiate a refund on unspent funds back to the credit cards they were received from within 48 hours. We also offer a free trial on your first campaign to all new users so you can see the ROI firsthand before investing more. Your cost will vary depending on the vertical and competition.

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How Your SaaS Pricing Affects Your Target Audience

Create recognizable links Take custom links a step further with custom back-halves. Automatically brand your links—no matter who shares them When you use auto-branding, any link shortened by a third party using Bitly will automatically use the custom domain for that business, increasing awareness for your brand and giving you additional insight into how your content is being consumed.

The most recognized brands in the world love Bitly. Watch a Tutorial on Bitly for Branding Got a few minutes?Now comes the hard part — determining how much your data is worth. When that audience is ultimately used and targeted, you will pay the specific CPM that correlates to each bit. The price point that you see on screen is the MOST that you would potentially pay for that audience. So what does all this mean? How much revenue margin? There are some times that you may want to increase the CPMs you are charging for your data, beyond what you would normally charge for a segment.

Some of these instances could include:. You may need to test the waters to see how high you can pitch until you find a market price for your audiences. Just as there are instances when you may want to increase the price you are charging for a segment, there are some circumstances when you might want to decrease the price you are charging for an audience.

These include:. Not sure where to get started? Here are some other helpful tips to keep in mind when building the audience segments you want to sell. Have questions? The Lotame data team is available to consult and strategize with you on how to sell your data.

a bit more on pricing and audience

Contact us to learn how you can get started. A look at how to strategically purchase third-party data within the Lotame platform in order…. Privacy Center Careers Request a Demo. When you may want to price the audience higher There are some times that you may want to increase the CPMs you are charging for your data, beyond what you would normally charge for a segment.

Some of these instances could include: The audience is made up exclusively of your first-party data. You do value your own data as higher value, right?

The audience is very, very, very small to exactly the target audience that the advertiser requested.

About Predicted Demographics

When you may want to price the audience lower Just as there are instances when you may want to increase the price you are charging for a segment, there are some circumstances when you might want to decrease the price you are charging for an audience. These include: The audience is primarily made up of 3PD The audience is built on extend so these users have never been to your inventory in the past The audience size is scaled via lookalikes The audience is very liberal and creative.

Why is it so important to understand the different types of data? Data is one of….Why aligning perceived value with your target audience is so important. Lots of options and strategies have come and gone since then but pricing continues to be an integral part of all conversations. This is more or less true at any SaaS business. Pricing needs to be an alignment of incentives between what your customers need and what you need. Both are necessary.

The prerequisite of an effective pricing strategy is goal alignment. Large clients want very specific things because well, they can afford to be demanding and want you to solve for a specific problem they have. No usage limits, no contact limits, no limits on the number of channels you can add, things that most helpdesk and customer messaging platforms would nickel and dime for.

Interestingly, this pricing structure has allowed us to cater toward the long tail for greater market penetration which worked.

The rest are enterprise businesses with a strong commitment to maintaining a high staff count in order to keep their customer service, sales, and marketing personnel on the same platform. Further analysis indicated a widespread seat-sharing phenomenon among users. Re:amaze is better when each staff member has an account, but due to way certain businesses are structured, our current pricing causes businesses to have a negative incentive to adding their team members to the platform.

Even during sales conversations, we realized a few pain points with certain types of businesses. The per-user pricing model is a very simplistic one-size fits all model, but it incentivizes some behavior for our long-tail users that we believe is causing pain for them while not allowing us to realize the full potential ARPA average revenue per account of such accounts. Aligning our pricing to cater to different business types is in the interest of both our customers and our business.

How to Price Audiences When Selling Data

This requires us to rethink how we and our customers perceive value. What about the competition? When asked, Re:amaze always comes up as an alternative to Intercom.

Over the past year however, our understanding of which segments of the market we can service effectively has evolved enough to a point where we can make adjustments to our product pricing that more accurately reflect the budget capabilities of the types of businesses we attract:. Nobody cares what sales model you need to support internally, nobody cares what your costs are, all they care about is what is in it for them. T he better you understand your market the easier it will be to create an offering that they perceive to be high value.

There are countless ways to determine how to price a SaaS product like Re:amaze in a competitive industry like Helpdesk.

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We started doing competitive pricing analysis many years ago and have tracked how our competitors like Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk have evolved. This serves as our benchmark. The next step is to determine:. What we know about ourselves so far. Free Trial. Our trial period is 14 days with every feature included. Free Plan.Our predicted demographics feature uses data science to predict the gender and age of your contacts.

This helps you identify key characteristics of your audience, so you can refine your marketing strategy and increase engagement. Predicted demographics is based on shared Mailchimp account information from around the world, and uses the same gender and age range categories as Google Ads.

This way, you can easily apply Mailchimp demographic insights to your other marketing efforts. We provide available gender and age information for contacts in your audience, regardless of whether they've engaged with your campaign content in the past. To increase the accuracy of demographic data, activate your audience publicity settings.

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Demographic data is tied to your audience. If you delete an audience, gender and age range data will be removed as well. Predicted demographics data appears in contact profiles, the audience dashboard, your stats overview page, and campaign reports. Each area provides slightly different information. Each contact profile displays the predicted age range and gender for that contact.

Combine this data with other profile information, like location or recent activity, to learn who your contacts are and how they interact with your content. The audience dashboard shows the percentage of contacts in each predicted demographics category. The stats overview page shows the percentage of subscribed contacts in each predicted demographics category.

Email campaign reports display the percentage of recipients in each predicted demographics category. Filter demographics by total recipients, opens, and clicks. If you've enabled our e-commerce link tracking in your campaign, you can also view demographics based on available purchase data.

Demographic data can help you develop focused messaging that appeals to your core contacts or broaden your marketing strategy to reach new people. After you analyze this new data, use our pre-built demographics segments to automatically target contacts based on age and gender.

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Or combine demographics with segmentation options like campaign activity and e-commerce activity to create complex custom segments. Here are some ways you might use predicted demographics to create segments for targeted campaigns. The options that appear in your account may vary based on the data available in the audience you're working with.

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The predicted demographics feature is automatically enabled for eligible users. Have another question? Paid users can log in for email or chat support. Can you tell us more about your experience today? Sorry we couldn't be more help. Can you tell us about your experience today?

Mailchimp collects data to help better understand audiences, campaigns, and analyze trends. Learn more about publicity settings and how to turn them off or on.David C Dean Relax, he made a reasonable and valid point. I have the same idea wondering how much they are willing to pay. Nancy I hope this forecast true.

Brian They could give the unionized printers free Kindles AFP BRILLIANT. Makes sense to me. Dsawyer They need a family sharing plan with the books. AJACs Set up a specific account just for kindle books and register all your purchases with that account. Tabretro I wonder if that will extend to Prime customers of non-US stores. Iria00 This idea of giving Prime members free Kindles was actually first theorized in Feb. Nerb If the argument was compelling, why would you disagree with it.

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Jen I would love a free Kindle. Antriksh Yadav And you had to write this just after I purchased my new Kindle I am typing this on.

a bit more on pricing and audience

See: Apple Yo Silly me. Will Brown It would be yet another incentive for people to sign up for Amazon Prime. Carolyn Nicander Mohr Makes me proud to be an Amazon Prime member. Fingers crossed this prediction is accurate. Steven Appenzeller Perhaps the direction Amazon could take in providing free, or at least below cost, hardware would be to enhance its capabilities to purchase more than just e-books. Myeachia i want i kindal so bad im dying to get one Terencehughes So much for being an early adopter.

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